The Deport All Filipinos Program (Arabic: ترحيل جميع برنامج الفلبينيين) was initiated by the United Arab Emirates in September of 2013, which was as a result of an Arab and Indian desire to deport Filipinos from the United Arab Emirates, who were seen as a nuisiance to Emirati society, particularily those who were Roman Catholics.

There were many notable exempts from the deportation program, which included Filipinos were Muslim, Protestant, Anglican, atheist, Buddhist or non-Catholics. The Tagalog language was also barred from being spoken in public, and the remaining Filipinos are currently given three months to fully learn Arabic.


Anti-Filipino Sentiments in the Arab World

A growing number of cases in rape and maltreatment of Filipino OFWs increasingly grew in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. King Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia did his best to try quelling the situations down, but under political pressure, he was forced to place sanctions on Filipinos. Filipinos were deemed as a "nuisiance race", Saudi politicians advised Emirati politicians to place sanctions on Filipinos as well. Nur Misuari also stated his anti-sentiment for Filipinos, he said, "Save the remaining Filipinos [Christians] in Mindanao and Sulu, all these Slaves of King Philip needs to be deported back to Manila, their homeland."

Filipino Nationalism in the Arab World

Sarah Balabagan, a Filipino ex-Muslim led a movement for the self-determination of Filipino OFWs abroad. The sultan of Mindanao and Sulu, Nur Misuari often ridiculed Balabagan's movement. He said, "The United Arab Emirates is called the United Arab Emirates for a good reason, and I believe that the royals and monarchs of the Arab nations have the right and should place sanctions on such as a nusiance group of people. This non-sense movement by Balabagan is threatening the Arabness of the Middle East, and needs to be quelled." On September 11, 2011, Emirati forces opened fire on a Filipino crowd protesting mosques. Arab and Indian mobs (either Muslim, Christian or Hindu) threw stones at The Philippine School. Lebanese Christians in the United Arab Emirates also threw tomatoes at Roman Catholic Churches operated by Filipinos, carrying signs and slogans reading, "Arab and Christian, but not Filipino". The prince of Dubai and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates,

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