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Depizlo gaganth

The flag of Depizlo Gaganth

The flag of Depizlo Gaganth

This is quite a unique flag, for instance, the sun, or circle, or whatever you want it to be, is in the upper right corner and has two circles inside it which both emit four rays. Besides that, we see four smaller, rising suns in the middle, which all four emit a ray. While on the left side of the flag, we can see the color of Depizlo Gaganth, on the right side, we see only pure black, which probably resembles the barbarians that lived west of Depizlo Gaganth and who took over Depizlo Gaganth almost immediately upon the fall of the Ptolemaic Empire and the creation of Depizlo Gaganth. It must be noted that the blackness is stopped by the four suns and the Depizlo Gaganth color around it. Further, on top of the blackness, the color of Depizlo Gaganth is advancing inside the blackness, as if driving barbarians away (the same can be said for the four rays of the four suns in the middle) to put it that way.

Depizlo gaganth monarchy of gryz

The flag of Depizlo Gaganth under the Monarchy of Gryz

The flag of Depizlo Gaganth under the Monarchy of Gryz

The Monarchy of Gryz put a border in their own, light green color around the flag of Depizlo Gaganth.

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