Department of Religious Affairs of North Syria
Agency overview
Headquarters Aleppo, North Syria
The Department of Religious Affairs of North Syria (Arabic: قسم الشؤون الدينية في شمال سوريا, French: Département des Affaires Religieuses de la Syrie du Nord, Turkish: Kuzey Suriye Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı) or the DORA is a cabinet-level department of the North Syrian government, that is tasked for overseeing religious activities in the Kingdom. Its current goals are to "Promote Religious Equality and Harmony" in the Kingdom, as well as to "prevent fanaticism and extremist faiths" in the kingdom.

The Department of Religious Affairs consists of leaders from major religions, as they discuss issues such as keeping peace between religions with differing, and even opposing views. Though the department themselves doesn't create religious laws, they function as advisors to the North Syrian government as to what religions should be allowed, or outlawed in the Kingdom. So far, Paganism, Wicca, Satanism, Atheism and Agnosticism have been outlawed in the Kingdom as a result of decisions by the Department of Religious Affairs. Following these faiths is punishable by lashes at worse-case scenario, the death penalty.

The DORA also oversees religious conversions to and from a certain religion, and anyone converting to a certain faith in the Kingdom must consult with a DORA Officer - and choose a DORA-approved faith. So far as of 2015, DORA has witnessed and approved 34 religious conversions, the specifics are kept confidential.

The DORA is headed by the wife of King Fahad, Queen Consort Turkia. Its main headquarters are located in the capital city of Aleppo, with regional headquarters located in Latakia and R'as al-Ayn. 

As of February 29, 2016, there is an on-going debate as to whether DORA should be considered a Uniformed Branch of the North Syrian government, in which - officers would receive the same benefits as veterans of the North Syrian Armed Forces. Should it be so, this would create the formation of the DORA Officer Corps.