Department of Education Establishment Act
Great Seal of the United States
Long title An Act to Establish a Department of Education and to Enforce its Responsbilities
Enacted by the 96th United States Congress
Legislative history
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Senator Barnette introduced, for himself, the following bill:


To establish a Department of Education and to enforce its responsbilities

Section I. This act shall be hereafter referred to as the Department of Education Establishment Act.

Section II. The main purpose of this act shall henceforth be declared to be:

  • (1) to strengthen the Federal commitment to ensuring access to equal educational opportunity for every individual;
  • (2) to support more effectively States, localities and public and private institutions in carrying out their responsibilities for education;
  • (3) to promote improvements in the quality and usefulness of education through federally supported research, evaluation, and the sharing of information;
  • (4) to increase the accountability of Federal education programs to the President, the Congress, and the public;
  • (5) to improve the coordination of Federal education programs.

Section III. This act, once ratified, shall establish an executive department to be known as the Department of Education to be headed by a Secretary of Education, and shall create within the Department an Under Secretary of Education who shall be responsible for the conduct of intergovernmental relations by the Department.

Section IV: This act will also establish, within such department, offices of:

  • (1) Civil Rights;
  • (2) Elementary and Secondary Education;
  • (3) Postsecondary Education;
  • (4) Vocational Adult Education;
  • (5) Special Education and Rehabilitative Services;
  • (6) Education for Overseas Dependents;
  • (7) Educational Research and Improvement;
  • (8) Bilingual Education and Minority Affairs;
  • (9) Inspector General;
  • (10) and General Counsel.


Q1 1979 - Introduced by Senator John J. Barnette (D-MD)

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