Capital of the United States of America, as well as capital of the State of Colorado.

With the destruction of Washington DC in 1956, the American capital was re-established in Denver.

The United States Congress (the "New Congress") appropriated the Colorado State Capitol building, and the Governor's Mansion was made the "New White House" (including re-painting the exterior a white-cream color).

The Denver legislature was moved to the Denver City Hall building, and the Governor's residence was established in a local businessman's mansion (a new Governor's mansion was constructed in 1962).

The military headquarters of the United States is located at Cheyenne Mountain, south of Denver in Colorado Springs.

At present (2006), the population of Denver is 705,220 persons; many of whom work for the United States government.

Denver is the sixth largest city in the United States, with suburban annexation existing as far south as Colorado Springs.

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