Dennis Kucinich
Timeline: Perot's Victory

Dennis kucinich
Portrait of Dennis Kucinich

44th President of the United States
2005 – Incumbent (term ends 2013)

Predecessor: Dick Cheney
Successor: Incumbent
Vice President: Barbara Boxer

Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio's 10th district
1997 – 2005

Predecessor: Martin Hoke
Successor: Jane Campbell

Member of the Ohio Senate from the 23rd District
1995 – 1997

Predecessor: Anthony Sinagra
Successor: Patrick Sweeney

Mayor of Cleveland
1977 – 1979

Predecessor: Ralph Perk
Successor: George Voinovich
Born: October 8, 1946
Cleveland, Ohio
Wife: Helen Kucinich (divorced)

Sandra Lee Kucinich (1977–)

Political Party: Democratic
Profession: Politician

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