Denmark is a sovereign nation in Scandinavia that is bordered by Sweden to the direct north by Skane and is shares a small border with Norway to the northwest, both nations being members of the Kalmar Union and to the south of us is our vassal Holstein. I, Queen Emma of Denmark, shall write the modern history of Denmark.

Reign of Queen Magrethe of Denmark (1387-1412)

My great aunt Queen Magrethe of Denmark, ruled Denmark for 25 glorious years. She became Queen after the death of her husband Haakon died in 1380 and Haakon's successor, Olaf, died in 1387, and she became Queen of Denmark and Queen of Norway in 1387. Magrethe's main objective now was to unite Sweden under her rule, and in 1388 she met the Swedish nobility in  Dalaborg Castle in March 1388, and they elected Queen Magrethe as their sovereign. In 1389, now a treacherous self proclaimed Swedish "King" Albert returned from Mecklenburg and fought Queen Magrethe's Army near Falköping, Sweden. The heroic general, Henrik Parow, was killed in battle, but his death was not in vain, for he was victorious against Albert's forces, and he shall live throughout history forever. in the aftermath of the victory in The Battle of Falkoping, Queen Magrethe was crowned Queen of Sweden on February 3, 1389. Eight years later in 1397, Queen Magrethe created the Kalmar Union on 17 June 1397 with the signing of the Treaty of Kalmar which declared that all three nations, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden were to be ruled by a single ruler, Queen Magrethe of Denmark. One of the driving forces behind the creation of the Kalmar Union was to counter the Haensatic League, which had been occupying Stockholm, Sweden. Finally, the Hanestanic League was expelled from Stockholm, and were liberated from the Hansa, and Stockholm was returned to its rightful ruler, Queen Magrethe of Denmark. In 1400, the 3rd year of the Kalmar Union and the dawn of a new century, Queen Magrethe started writing intensensly in her personal journal about each year, this is an expert on the events of 1400 in Denmark and her feelings toward it: :Queen Margrete Valdemarsdatter of Denmark : The Earth enters 1400 Anno Domini, the 1400th Year in our Lord, the soft white snow falls from the sky, the Aurora Borelias dances in the Heavens, the fjords flow, and I orchestrate a lavish celebration in the Copenhagen castle in order to celebrate the 3rd year where I, Queen Margrete of Denmark, unified the nations of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway into one nation-the Kalmar Union. The Grand Nordic Celebration is also orchestrated by me to celebrate the birth of a new century, the dawn of a new era. The celebration is amazing, I have united the Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian nobles in celebration and there is beautiful music, violins, cellos, violas, pianos, singing and dancing alongside with an amazing dinner. With the birth of the new era, the 1400s I am determined to make the Kalmar Union the greatest nation in Europe and all of Christendom. In order to accomplish this ambitious goal I am convinced that to form a great nation one must build a great city, thus I declare Copenhagen to be the capital of both Denmark and the Kalmar Union, and my seat of power shall be in the very castle and palace I orchestrated my amazing celebration in. I shall make Copenhagen the administrative, financial, trading, and cultural centre of Northern Europe and using the outpouring of wealth we received from the massive expansion of Baltic trade with our neighbors Hamburg, the Teutonic Knights, Holland, and Novograd I order the build up of Copenhagen, specifically her ports and dockyards, for that is the source of wealth, the bloodline of Copenhagen. Geographically, Copenhagen is  the centre of  Northern Europe, the bridge between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, thus I open up and construct ports and ship dockyards to open the floodgates of trade ships into Copenhagen. With trade being the bloodline of Copenhagen I reform the currency, replacing the old copper coins with valueable silver coins. This rapid increase of trade in Copenhagen herself allows me to also order the construction of a massive fleet of 100 ships in order to expand the wealth and influence of the Kalmar Union. To celebrate this I order the construction of the University of Copenhagen in order to make Copenhagen the center of education. With the privy councils from each nation at the Grand Nordic Celebration, I, Queen Margrete, declare that the privy councils shall craft the domestic policies of each nation while I dictate the foreign policy of the Kalmar Union. I shall also craft the domestic policy in Europe, especially in Copenhagen. The colonies of Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands shall be a part of my lands but be primarily administered by Norwegian nobles while Danish nobles shall administer the ports of Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. The military shall also be under my control and I order a small fleet of the Danish navy to join the Norwegian colonial expedition and help with the exploration. Along the way the expedition checks on the population status of the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland  Along the way the expedition checks on the population status of the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland and I receive news that Greenland is severely depopulated thus I order and encourage Danish colonists to settle Greenland and populate it. The colonial expedition reminds me of the Norse sagas of Vinland and I make plans to resettle that new land, the virgin world. I also order the creation of a band of fierce Norwegian-Danish raiders under my personal command. To Sweden, I give the Swedish privy council permission to expand into Karelia and the rest of unsettled Kalmar lands in the Peninsula. With these grants of autonomy and territory it is my hope that the Kalmar Union shall be eternal and its glory shall last forever. These Nordic Sagas of exploration, conquest, and Vinland reminds me of the North Sea Empire under Cnut the Great and I am inspired to make the Kalmar Union an even greater nation and to restore the North Sea Empire. Seeing warfare as an unwise decision, I decide to marry Henry IV instead, which will create a dynastic union between Kalmar and England. I also conduct a census of Denmark, and the population stands at one million people."

In short, the massive celebration in Copenhagen caused the Kalmar Union members to have greater domestic autonomy and the purpose of this was to keep the Norwegian and Swedish nobles from getting angry and rebelling. In foreign policy, Queen Magrethe of Denmark proposed her hand in marriage to King Henry IV of England in 1400. In addition, Queen Magrethe proposed my father, then Crown Prince Eric of Pomerania, to King Henry IV's daughter, Phillipa of England, my mother. She also proposed my aunt, Catherine of Pomerania, Eric's sister, to Henry V, then Crown Prince of England. England agreed to these marriage proposals, and in 1401, the very next year, all these marriages happened, and thus the Kingdom of Denmark and the Kingdom of England entered a dynastic union with each other. WIth our houses united, Denmark and England became allied with one another, and England called Denmark into their war with Scotland. Faithfully, Denmark and all of the Kalmar Union entered the First Scottish War on the side of the Kingdom of England, and Queen Magrethe Denmark sent Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish forces to Endinburgh initially.

First Scottish War 1401-1402/03 (Fighting halted in late 1402, Peace Treaty Made in 1403)

Hessian Crusade (1403-1404)

Intergerum (1404-1407)

Danish Invasion of Pomerania (1407-1412)


Reign of Eric of Pomerania (1412-1433)

Reign of Emma of Denmark (1433-Present)

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