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Never break the peace which good and true men make between you and others.

—Njals saga, originally written in Iceland, 1300

Kingdom of Denmark-Norway
Kongeriget Danmark
Timeline: Knightfall
OTL equivalent: Denmark and Norway
. 10th Century - Present
Flag of Denmark.svg National Coat of arms of Denmark.svg
Coat of arms
Denmark-Norway Knightfall.png
Official languages Danish
Regional Languages Norwegian, Sapmi, Faroese, Greenlandic, German
Demonym Danish, Dane
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 -  King Brede II
 -  2014 estimate 3,544,500 
 -  2010 census 3,542,102 
The Kingdom of Denmark-Norway, also known simply as Denmark, is a kingdom in Northern Europe.


For a more detailed history of pre-1248 Denmark, click here.

House of Estridsen (1047 - 1332)

Age of Abel I (1250 - 1252)

After the Mongol Invasion of Europe, Denmark did everything it could to stay afloat. Abel's father, Eric IV, simply attempted to ignore the Mongols while they annexed their closeby principalities. The new khanate was now very close to their border, and Abel attempted to hold it back as best as it could. Over his short kingship, he was forced to get many things done. He sent troops to Denmark's border, and tried to simply keep himself alive. Rebels streamed through his defenses, and he was struggling to keep his kingdom afloat.

Age of Christopher I (1252 - 1259)

After four years of hostile interaction, Denmark opened up slightly, and attempted to become more friendly to their potential invaders. The ruler of Denmark at the time, Christopher I, slowly gave the new Horde military support. The Khanate agreed to curb German rebels who had settled within the Danish border and agreed to keep them away. By the end of his life, Chrisopher I still frequently focused on European matters, close relations were maintained with the Mongol lords of Shadurga [1]

Age of Eric V (1259 - 1286)

Eric V was an okay king, but he was no Christopher. He was friends with the Khanate to the west but, unlike his father, only stayed with matters in Scandinavia. He basically closed Denmark up from Europe, and only focused on boosting the farming and sailing in the region. After realizing that it was a bad idea, he worked on opening England up to trade with Denmark, along with Scotland. Scotland agreed to trade relations, while England prefered to be closed up from Denmark. After getting over this slump, Eric was able to have trade begin in Northern Europe once more. When the colonial age began, however, it was his mistake not to trade with Castile and Portugal.

Age of Eric VI (1286 - 1319)

After the death of his father, Denmark was basically solely trading with countries in Northern Europe. He attempted to raise trade back up with Castile and Portugal, along with lower Europe, but he soon cancelled that plan. Instead, he attempted to trade with the remaining kingdoms of the HRE, and the new khanate to his west. This was a good idea, as it brought it closer to mainland Europe, as opposed to Scandinavia or the British Isles.

Age of Christopher II and Eric Christoffersen (1320 - 1326)

After the death of Eric, Christopher and Eric Christoffersen ascended to the throne.

Age of Valdemar III (1326 - 1329)

Age of Christopher II and Eric Christoffersen [Restored] (1329 - 1332)

Age of Danish Anarchy (1332 - 1351)


  1. This is part of the fictional Mongol name of Vienna in this timeline. Shadurga Barunn, means 'Fair West'