Flag of Denmark

Flag of Denmark


Post Monsters

Once Cthulhu began his assaults on the planet, Denmark immediately began to move all troops and artillery to secure the borders from an intrusion. Troops were placed in ramparts and earthen works with the artillery being placed in forts and the navy patrolling sea lanes.

Unfortunately the naval forces of Denmark were too weak to overcome the kraken and other sea monsters. The nation was forced to use quick attacks and breaches, fortifying Iceland with three railroad guns, 14,000 troops, and assorted heavy and light artillery.

The military quickly adapted, purchasing heavy, long range artillery guns and setting up coastal defenses. Trenches were dug and infantry was placed in strategic locations.

The navy, which before Cthulhu only had eight gunboats, three sail battleships, and one ironclad quickly purchases assorted armored ships, utilizing the sail ships as reserve and training.

Over time the navy built up, and cleared out shipping lanes nearby. With help from the British Royal Navy, the Danish military were able to reopen trade lines and secure them against the kraken.

After several attacks on the nation, Denmark took a defensive posture, constructing walls and setting up coastal cannons. Another addition was the installation of several railroad guns. The rail system wrapped around the nation, and the Danish Army set these up to be able to reinforce any needed area quickly.


  • Total- 3,808,374
  • Denmark- 3,295,471
  • Iceland- 472,916
  • Faroe Islands- 27,203
  • Greenland- 12,784


Royal Danish Army

  • Active: 45,000
  • Reserve: 100,000
  • Iceland Guard: 2,500
  • Militia: 836,000 (Mainly guarding their homes)
  • Rifles:
    • 983,500 Danish Bolt Action Rifles
  • Artillery:
    • 25- RBL 20 pounder Armstrong Guns
    • 133- RBL 12 pounder 8 cwt Armstrong Guns
    • 95- LRG 50 pounder breech Gun
    • 45- RBL 40 pounder Armstrong Guns

Royal Danish Navy

  • 14: Armored Battleships (7 at Iceland, 4 at Denmark, 3 at Greenland)
  • 3: Sail Battleships (3 at Denmark)
  • 1: Armored Cruiser (1 at Denmark)
  • 35: Ocean Gunboats (12 at Iceland, 15 at Denmark, 8 at Greenland)
  • Coastal Artillery:
    • 190- RBL 40 pounder Armstrong Gun