Denmark is a small Scandinavian nation situated on the Jutland peninsula, the Zealand island and other small islands. It seeks an alliance with Sweden, Norway, Northern Republic and the Netherlands. It is afraid of Germany.

Foreign affairs

  1. Excellent. Full alliance.
  2. Very Good. Partial alliance and/or business partners.
  3. Good. Friend but no alliance yet.
  4. Former Enemy. Formerly an enemy.
  5. Neutral. No problems, no friendships.
  6. Wary. No war yet, but watching.
  7. Partial Enemy. Fought some war.
  8. Enemy. Multiple wars.
  • North Republic: Excellent
  • Netherlands: Excellent
  • Canada: Very good
  • Norway: Very good
  • Quebec: Good
  • Sweden: Former enemy
  • Siam: Neutral
  • Zaire: Neutral
  • Spain: Neutral
  • Germany: Wary
  • United States: Wary
  • Soviet Union and its clients: Wary
  • Japan: Wary
  • Korea: Wary
  • Italy: Wary
  • France: Wary
  • China: Wary

Note that many superpowers are wary just because we're afraid of them so much we have to watch their every move. We don't want to declare war on them.


Formerly the UN. Now only NATOC.

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