Kongeriget Danmark
Kingdom of Denmark
Timeline: Axis vs Allies: Reborn (Map Game)
Flag of Denmark
Flag of Denmark

Guds hjælp, Folkets kærlighed, Danmarks styrke (Danish)

Anthem "Der er et yndigt land"
Capital de jure Copenhagen, de facto New Copenhagen
Largest city New Copenhagen
Language Danish
Religion Lutheranism (official), Atheism (majority)
Ethnic Group Danes
Government Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Monarch By the Grace of God, His Majesty King Christian X of Denmark and Iceland, the Wends and the Goths, Duke of Schleswig, Holstein, Stormarn, Dithmarschen, Lauenburg and Oldenburg
Currency Danish Krone
Organizations ILEAN, Canadian - Danish Cooperative Nuclear Program

Denmark is a Scandinavian nation.


Denmark was occupied by Germany until 1943, when His Majesty King Christian X of Denmark led a revolutionary coup led to Danish independence. In 1945 Copenhagen was nuked, the capital was moved with the city's citizens to New Copenhagen in Southern Zealand.

Current affairs

Foreign Affairs

Towards individual nations

Nation Status Notes
Iceland Client State Iceland is a Danish client state and holds a personal union with Denmark. Our closest ally.
Sweden Alliance The Swedes have freed Denmark from occupiers. Say thank you.
Australia Alliance The friendly Aussies offered us alliance and we accepted. Gave us uranium, lead and tin.
Canada Alliance Cooperation on nuclear weapons and an alliance.
Switzerland Neutral The neutral nation keeps all the world's money. Should be friendlier towards each others.
Nazi Germany Wary

The Occupiers is defeated in Denmark and shall be defeated on their homeland too.

Towards alliances

  • The Allies: Membership rejected by parliamentary voting. Currently neutral, but alliance towards Sweden, Canada and Australia. Nothing towards UK/US. Hates Soviets.
  • The Axis: Mostly neutral. The Falling Germany is considered a chance to rise to a Great Power. Towards Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, not much. Towards Vichy France, neutral for now, but if we take Germany and expand southwards enough, we might take them. He he.

Nuclear Project

Denmark holds its nuclear project at the Danish National Institute of Militarial Science.

Goal: Obviously making nukes, to make us more compaltible with our ally and neighbor, the Swedes, to defend against Germany (if they invade us we can just nuke 'em), to protect national sovereignty and to take back lands we lost long ago to Germany between the 13th and the 19th centuries.

Update: Production shall start in 1946 with Swedish help.


Update: We're cooperating with Canada on nukes.

Nuclear Non - Proliferation Treaty

Denmark does not sign the Nuclear Non - Proliferation Treaty, as Denmark will not follow several rules of the NNPT.

We will not obey to:

  1. Not producing nuclear weapons in mass quantities
  2. Routine checking-ups by IAE
  3. Not using nuclear weapons in war
    1. Specifically, use nuclear weapons only in nuclear attacks and use porpotionately
  4. Not using nuclear weapons in outer space

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