Republikken Danmark–Norge
Denmark-Norway Republic
Timeline: Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power
Flag of Shintō Denmark (SM 3rd Power) National Coat of arms of Denmark no crown
Flag Coat of Arms
Denmark-Norway Location (SM 3rd Power)
Location in Green
Capital: Oslo & Copenhagen
Language: Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Greenlandic
Religion: Shintō, Norse Mythology/Paganism
Type of government: Parliamentary democracy
President: Sólrun Løkke Rasmussen
Currency: Euro

Denmark-Norway is a nation in Europe and a Great Power.


Denmark-Norway had remained powerful throughout its history. Conflicts with England began sometime in 1595, and soon it led to the first Nordic-English in 1605, which the Dano-Norwegians had won. Soon Denmark-Norway began to colonise OTL Newfoundland. Later in 1635 England attempted to blockade Denmark which lasted until 1670 when the Second Nordic-English War happened with the Dane-Norwegians won again. Again in 1750 a Third Nordic-English war happens, only this time the Dane-Norwegians annexed Scotland. During the Napoleonic Era, in 1812, Denmark-Norway had helped France invade and take down Britain, which gained Danish more territory. Then in 1865 Denmark-Norway declared war on Russia to help Finland and begun the Second Northern War, and Russia became beaten by them. Denmark-Norway also participated in the First and Second World War on the side of the allies. By 1950, the European Union was founded by Denmark-Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Yugoslavia. Today Denmark-Norway remains one of the most powerful countries with-in Europe and the North Atlantic.

Provinces of Denmark-Norway

  • Flag of Shintō Denmark (SM 3rd Power) Denmark
  • Norway Kogasa Norway
  • Iceland Kogasa Iceland
  • Flag of Greenland (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power) Greenland
  • Flag of Scotland (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power) Scotland
  • Flag of Vinland (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power) Vinland
  • Flag of Nunavut (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power) Nunavut
  • Flag of Manitou (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power) Manitou
  • Flag of Skanadario (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power) Skanadario
  • Flag of Margaret (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power) Margaret

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