Democratic Republic of Tomlinscote
DRT flag DRT coat of arms
Flag Coat of Arms
DRT map
Location of Tomlinscote

'Inspired to Work' (English)

Language English
Government Military Dictatorship
Supreme Leader Ian Highland
Major General Robert
Population 4582 
Currency Pound Sterling
Time Zone GMT
DRTF flag

Flag of the DRTF.

DRT Sign

The Micronation's boundary wall and sign.

DRT Roof

Roof of B-Block in the DRT.

The Democratic Republic of Tomlinscote is a fictional micronation located in Surrey, England based on Tomlinscote School.


The Micronation has been under a military dictatorship since 11 December 2012 when DRTF (Democratic Republic of Tomlinscote's Forces) occupied Tomlinscote school and the surrounding area.


Contrary to the name, the nation is not a democracy. The Supreme Leader remains as dictator until his death at which point a new leader is elected by the 'Governors' (a group of select individuals that are chosen based off military prowess). Usually the Major General is chosen for this post.

The nation runs a rigged election every year to decide who will represent the student body. A 'Student Leadership Team' is elected from members of the lower class however they have little power and those who speak out against the state are 'removed'.


The DRT only has land forces as they are completely landlocked. The DRTF (Democratic Republic of Tomlinscote's forces) is the official military of the nation. Conscription for those aged 11-18 is compulsory and those aged 7-11 must be members of the youth wing. The military currently has over 2500 members making it more then half the size of the population.

Border with the United Kingdom

The entire micronation is an enclave of the United Kingdom. A concrete wall has been built around the entire border to 'protect Tomlinscotes sovereignty' as the UK still claims the entire region. The micronation still uses the British pound as its currency however and those born in the DRT are still classed as British citizens.

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