Демократическая Республика Россия
Demokraticheskaya Respublika Rossiya
Democratic Republic of Russia

Timeline: otl
Democratic Republic of Russia flag No coa
Flag of the Democratic Republic of Russia Coat of Arms
Democratic Republic of Russia
Democratic Republic of Russia in Red, former Territories During the Empire in Dark Red

Выбор народа, выбор нации!!
(Translit.: Vybor naroda, vybor natsii !)
English: Choices of the People, Choices of The Nation!

(and largest city)
Language Russian, Tatar, Kazakh, Turkmen, Georgian, Armenian, Ukrainian, Belorussian
Religion None official
Ethnic Group Russian, Tatars, Kazakh, Ukrainian, and Belorussian and others.
Demonym Russian
Government multi party, democratic republic
Established 30 December 1922
Currency ruble (руб)
Calling Code +7
Internet TLD .Rus

The Democratic Republic of Russia (Russian: Демократическая Республика Россия) is a nation in eastern Europe. it is the successor state of the Russian Empire and the short lived Soviet Union, it shares borders with The Baltic States,Poland, Germany via East Prussia,Romania, Moldova, Siberia, Finland and Norway.

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