Democratic Republic of the Congo
République démocratique du Congo
Timeline: Soviet Dominance
Flag of Congo-Léopoldville (1960-1963) Coat of arms of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Les Trois Glorieuses"
(and largest city)
Other cities Kananga, Kisangani
  others Lingala, Kituba, Swahili, Tshiluba
  others Protestantism, Islam, various Christian sects
Demonym Congolese
Government Unitary semi-presidential republic
Organizations United Nations

The Democratic Republic of Congo (République démocratique du Congo) was a nation located in central Africa. It was only around for a good two years, coming into existence in 1997 but being annexed by the PRT in December 1999. It shared borders with the PRT, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Angola, Zambia, Tanzania, Sudan, and the CASR.


For history of this nation's predecessor, see the Zaire page.

Fall of Zaire

In 1996, following the Rwandan Civil War and the Rwandan Genocide, Hutu militia forces fled to eastern Zaire and used refugee camps as a base of incursion against the nation. They allied with Zairian armed forces and launched a campaign against Congolese Tutsis. Later, a coalition of Rwandan and Ugandan troops invaded Zaire in hopes of overthrowing the Mobutu regime. Laurent-Désiré Kabila led some allied opposition figures, which became the AFDL; and allied with the opposition of Zaire. In 1997, Mobutu fled and Kabila took power and renamed the nation to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Second Congo War

Kabila later requested that foreign military officers return to his own country; he was concerned the Rwandan military was planning on launching a coup, replacing him with a Tutsi leader. The Rwandan returned to their home country but launched a new Tutsi-led movement called the RCD to fight against the Kabila, while Uganda created their own movement called the MLC. The Second Congo War started when Ugandan and Rwandan troops attacked Congolese troops in 1998. Numerous other nations entered on the side of the government. However, the People's Republic of the Congo had a plan to invade and annex them. They requested alliances with Uganda and Rwanda, as well as numerous local militias. The incursion last for less than a year, and in December 1999, the Treaty of Khartoum was signed making the Congolese annexation official.


The Democratic Republic of the Congo was a dictatorship. Kabila ruled the nation with an iron fist; the nation never had any elections. It was simply a dictatorship, there was no influence from any other nations in terms of government. The DRC's government was simply one man ruling over the whole nation.

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