Democratic Republic of Arabia
Flag of South Yemen
Official language Arabic
Capital Damascus
Chairman of the DRA Presidium in 1919 Sheik Ali Ahmed al-Sharyia (1918-1920)
Existence 1918-1920
Currency Arab Dinar, Soviet Ruble.


Formed by the Reds in October 1918, the Democratic Republic of Arabia was a weak union of Bedouin tribes, based in Damascus. Although the Soviets spent thousands of Rubles on helping the DRA Army, it was never able to form a regular, loyal army. Instead, the weak Communist government in Damascus relied on non-loyal tribes, that were united with the help of Russian Rubles. In the Communist state, following Soviet tradition, religion was forbidden, which caused anger among most of its inhabitants. Most tribal chieftains were recruited to the cause of the Big 5 Powers only with the help of money. The state was destroyed in 1920 after a British victory in Damascus. The Chairman of the Presidium, Ali A. al-Sharyia was killed by the British troops in 1921.


The Chairman of the DRA Presidium (the highest power in the country) ruled jointly with the Soviet Group of Forces Arabia (SGFA). The government's power was limited only to Syria, while "Socialist States" like Iraq, Palestine, Arabia, and Jordan were ruled by tribes. Although a few tribes were united by money, the government was unable to place authority in those regions. The SGFA and its counterparts in Moscow planned to replace the weak state with a Soviet occupation, but the DRA was defeated too early for such a plan to happen.



1st Regiment: DAMASCUS (only full-time regiment organized)

2nd Bedou Division: VARIOUS

3rd-6th Divisions: VARIOUS, composed of Bedouins, number of divisions varied over time


The Arabian navy was composed of only five ships, gifts from the "people" of the USSR.

SS Arabian Lynx

SS Arabian Phoenix

SS Arabian Fox

SS Arabian Falcon

SS Arabian Camel

Naval Base: DRA Naval Base, Beirut, Lebanon

Air Force

3x Hanriot HD1

Foreign Relations

The DRA maintained a treaty of friendship and mutual assistance with both Turkey and the USSR, as well as Bulgaria and Romania. The DRA opened relations with Japan and Maoist forces in 1919, after the start of the war. A treaty was signed with Japan, recognizing the DRA and Japan's mutual friendship. Manchukuo was recognized in 1919.


In 1925, the Ottoman Empire was restored, without Iraq, which gained independence, and the Arabian Peninsula (also independent). In 1937, an pan-Arab revolution aided by Iraq let Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine gain their independence. The Ottoman Empire was abolished in 1940 after a series of revolts, scandals, and military losses.

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