Democratic People's Republic of New England
Timeline: Reverse a Dragon, and a Titan

OTL equivalent: Maine, New Hampshire
Democratic People's Republic of New England
Flag of North New England

Potens et populis in rebus prosperis (English)
("Powerful and Prosperous Nation")

Anthem "The Patriotic Song"
Capital Manchester
Largest city ^
Other cities Augusta
  others N/A
Demonym North New Englander
Government Single Party State
Supreme Leader Timothy Underby
Chairman of the Presidium Assembly John Westcott
Area xyxy km²
Population 8,000,000 
Established August 15, 1945
Currency Northern Dollar

The DPRNE, or the Democratic People's Republic of New England, is an extremely radical Communist state in the former northeast US. After gaining independence in the Second American Civil War, it immediately gained relations with the People's Republic of America. It considers itself a self-supplying socialist nation, but most other nations think of it as a Communist dictatorship.


Foundation and Starting Years

Over its first few years, it went from a simple Communist government to a Communist dictatorship with the ruse of a republic. After electing its first Communist leader, Kimberly Underby, things went terribly awry. He immediately abolished the rest of parliament, and installed a military dictatorship with him as the head.

Over the 1920's and 30's, it kept close ties with the Union of Workers Republics and the Peoples Republic of America. It relied on the military from the PRA to defend itself from the surrounding nations. Being landlocked by two democratic nations, North New England had many problems trying to get out of the ground. It never managed to become very successful in its lifetime.

WW-II and the New England War

In 1943, in the middle of the Second World War, Kimberly Underby perished of a brain tumor (at the age of 65). His son, Iven Underby, took over his nation. Although in a state of economic turmoil, North New England's currency, the New England Gilded Dime, was still at a higher value than South New England's. But all that would change after the New England war began in 1953.

After believing that North New England was the proper government of New England, they asked the United Federation of Worker's Republics to help them conquer South New England. China soon joined in on the side of SNE, and were able to beat back the Communist forces. However, the People's Republic of America joined in and beat China back up. Their borders settled very close to the original ones, and a ceasefire was soon called.

Cold War and Modern Day

During the cold war, they cut all ties with democratic countries, and tried to deal only with the Communist ones. After China and the Federation of Workers Republics got into their cold war, New England tried to send the Federation as many weapons as they could. In doing this, it put New England into an economic slump. They were stuck, closed away from the world. Today, the Democratic People's Republic of New England is a rump state that threatens to nuke its neighbors frequently. It is speculated that they have nuclear weapons, due to them being funded by the Britannian Federation and the PRA.





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