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The Democratic Party was a political party of the Confederate States, in existence from 1893 to 1954. It contested ten presidential elections, winning five. The party was in power for all but six years between 1921 and 1951.

Presidential candidates

Successful candidates are highlighted in bold:
  • 1897: Clifton R. Breckinridge (Arkansas) and Stephen Mallory (Florida)
  • 1903: Clifton R. Breckinridge (Arkansas) and Murphy J. Foster (Louisiana)
  • 1909: Murphy J. Foster (Louisiana) and Luke E. Wright (Tennessee)
  • 1915: Edward D. White (Louisiana) and Josephus Daniels (North Carolina)
  • 1921: Josephus Daniels (North Carolina) and John N. Garner (Texas)
  • 1927: Carter Glass (Virginia) and Cordell Hull (Texas)
  • 1933: Cordell Hull (Texas) and James C. McReynolds (Kentucky)
  • 1939: Clyde R. Hoey (North Carolina) and Hugo L. Black (Alabama)
  • 1945: Hugo L. Black (Alabama) and James F. Byrnes (South Carolina)
  • 1951: James F. Byrnes (South Carolina) and Colgate W. Darden (Virginia)

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