Democratic Labour Party of Westralia
Chairperson Kenneth D. Richardson
Prime Minister Harold Symons
Speaker of the National Assembly Francis Silverman
President of the Senate James P. Livingston
Founded 3 January 1870
Headquarters 10 St George Tce
Student wing National Federation of Student Democrats
Youth wing Westralian League of Democratic Youth
Membership  (1875) 20,000
Ideology Democratic socialism
Official colors           Red, Black
National Assembly
68 / 100
31 / 50
Election symbol

The Democratic Labour Party of Westralia (DLP, colloquially DemLab or DemLabs) is a left-winged political party in Westralia. Founded in 1870 shortly after the foundation of the Kingdom of Westralia, the Democratic Labour Party is one of the two major parties in Westralian politics, along with the right-wing National Unity Party, its political and ideological archrival. The party's chairman and founder is Kenneth D. Richardson, and the DLP has been the largest party in Congress since the 1875 Federal Elections. The party's left-wing ideology has been referred to as democratic socialist and liberalist.