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Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo (Enoch's World)

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Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo
고려 민주 연방국 공화국
Timeline: Enoch's World
Kangcho flag No coa
Flag CoA
Korea (Alternity)
Location of Koryo

"홍익인간" (Korean)
("Benefit all Mankind")

Anthem "애국가- 愛國歌- Aegukga"
Capital Pyongyang
Largest city Seoul
Language Korean
Ethnic Groups
  others Japanese, Chinese, American
Government Confederal Republic
  legislature National Assembly
President Paik Jong Yul
  Royal house: None
Area app. 223,170 km²
Population app. 75,000,000 
Established October 12th, 1980
Currency Korean Won
Time Zone Korean Standard Time, UTC+9
  summer None
Internet TLD .kr
Calling Code 82


Sometime in 1973, North Korea proposed forming a new nation called the Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo, which represent both Koreas in the UN. On 10/31/80, Kim Ill Sung elaborated on the proposed nation. The DCRK would be a federation, where each nation's political systems would remain intact. However, in our timeline, South Korea either denied this or simply ignored the proposal. In this alternative timeline, South Korea joins the DCRK.

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