Democratic Commonwealth of America
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Washington
Largest city New York
Other cities Miami, Ottawa, Toronto, Garibaldi, London...
Language English
Religion Christian
Government Democracy
Head of State Prime Minister
Head of Government Deputy Prime Minister
Population 303.2 million 
Established 1946 (unification of nations)
Currency American dollar
Organizations OAS, NAU


America was founded in 1946 during the threat of a global war. Canada, United States, Mexico, and Cuba united.

After the Global War ended in 1948, Canada and United States kept its commonwealth. America exists as a powerful nation.


The American Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are elected on the same ballot for a 5-year term, serving only one.

The American Parliament consists of the American Senate and the American House of Commons. The Senate has 2 seats for each state, and the representatives have seats based on population, with 3 minimum (2 are granted to Columbia district, and all foreign territories).

The American Supreme Court justices are appointed by the prime minister, approved by parliament, for life terms.

Heads of State

# Name Took office Left office Party Head(s) of Government
1 Thomas Edmund Dewey 1946 1947 (assassinated) American Conservative Henry Wallace
2 Henry Agard Wallace 1947 1956 American Conservative Robert Alphonso Taft
3 John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1956 1961 American Liberal Adlai Ewing Stevenson II
4 Robert Francis Kennedy 1961 1966 American Liberal Henry Martin Jackson
5 Donald Henry Rumsfeld 1966 1971 American Conservative Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.
6 Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. 1971 1976 American Conservative Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller
7 James Earl Carter, Jr. 1976 1982 American Liberal Walter Frederick Mondale
8 William Jefferson Clinton 1982 1987 American Liberal Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.
9 Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. 1987 1992 American Liberal Gary Warren Hart
10 Gary Warren Hart 1992 1997 American Liberal Michael Stanley Dukakis
11 Newton Leroy Gingrich 1997 2002 American Conservative Mary Elizabeth Hanford Dole
12 John Forbes Kerry 2002 2007 American Liberal Barack Hussein Obama II
13 Barack Hussein Obama II 2007 2008 American Liberal Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton
14 Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton 2008 Incumbent American Liberal Howard Brush Dean III

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