Democrat-Republican of the United States
Founded 1791
Dissolved 1825
Preceded by none
Succeeded by Democratic Party
Ideology Republicanism, Jeffersonian democracy, states' rights

Quid faction: Agrarianism, pro-French

Madisonian faction: Nationalism, isolationism
Political position Center-Right
Official colours green, white and blue (usually associated with a black and white, later orange and white cockade)
The Democratic-Republican Party of the United States was an political party from 1792 to 1825, and opposed the proposals of Alexander Hamilton and his Federalist Party. The Federalist Party managed to elect three officials into office: Jefferson, Madison and Crawford. The political party believed in strict construction and a pro-French policy. The First European War help keep the Democratic-Republican party from falling apart for an few more years, but lost members to Andrew Jackson's Democratic Party. The political party was disestablished in 1826, with a majority of the supporters either going Nationalist or Democratic.