Timeline: French Trafalgar, British Waterloo

Democrat-Republican of the United States
Founder Thomas Jefferson, James Madison
Founded 1791
Dissolved 1820
Preceded by none
Succeeded by Democratic Party
Ideology Republicanism, Jeffersonian democracy, states' rights

Quid faction: Agrarianism, pro-French

Madisonian faction: Nationalism, isolationism
Political position Center-Right
Official colours green, white and blue (usually associated with a black and white, later orange and white cockade)

The Democratic-Republican Party, known as the Dem-Reps is a defunct political party of the United States. Founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to oppose the Federalist Party, it was primarily an agrarian, states-rights party, focused on trying to keep the Federal Government from interfering in the lives of the average person.

In foreign affairs, the party advocated a strong isolationism, while also supportive of the ideals of the French Revolution. However, as it became increasingly clear that Napoleon was centralizing control and reducing the freedoms promised by the Revolution, the Democratic-Republican party became increasingly Pro-British, seeing them as the closest thing to democracy in Europe.

James Madison's election in 1808 was seen as a continuation of Jefferson's policies, and he continued to promote the de-centralized, agrarian ideal that the party represented. However the First American War, started in 1812, ended the attempts at state's rights. As the war quickly turned sour in the first two years and Federalist's took power in Congress, the militia's that were thrown into Canada were officially made party of a standing US Army, and further centralization was undertaken. The end of the war, and the loss of a vast majority of the Louisiana Purchase, doomed the party. Rufus King of the Federalist's took power in 1816, and the Democratic-Republican party collapsed in 1820. The Democratic Party, founded by the States Right's and isolationist members of the old Dem-Reps in 1818, took the mantle, and as the Federalist Party lost its way in Rufus King's second term, the Democrats under Andrew Jackson took power.