The Sultanate of Delhi was a state in North India. 1206, general Aibak took power in Delhi. During 1236-1240 Raziah / Raziyyat was the first female sultan in Delhi, until she was toppled and killed.

During the 1250s, various border clashes between Choresm and the Sultanate of Delhi happened.

In 1290, the Slave dynasty in the Sultanate was overthrown by the Khilji. Due to butterflies, 1292/99 no Mongols were before Delhi.

Before 1300-30, the Sultans of Delhi invaded and annexed Gujarat and parts of the Deccan (South India). But as soon as 1336, the Mujahid Sultanate in the Deccan was founded by a Turkish governor named Mohammed Mujahid Shah, breaking away from the Delhi Sultanate.

1365-71, the Black Death swept through the Sultanate of Delhi.

During the years 1536-46, Sultan Tahmasp (a descendant of the Persian Zahedid dynasty who was smuggled out by some servants when the Pashtuns took over Persia) tried to carve out a new empire for himself in Lahore. Finally, the sultan of Delhi could defeat and kill him and take back his lands.

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