Polish infantry marching -2 1939

Polish troops advancing toward the front.

September 1, 1939: Germany invades Poland, catching the army and air force off guard, and begins to gain ground rapidly, while the Polish Army goes on the defensive, inflicting heavy casualties on the Reich.

Before the initial invasion, an event occurred on August 29, an date that would change the world. In Warsaw, Ignacy Mościcki was contacted by an massive alien empire called the Novans, who have watched the world since the formation of the Roman Empire, and are disgusted with the acts of the Nazis and their allies, and offer the Polish help in their defense against the Germans. Mościcki, seeing that the other option was the death of his country, agreed to the Novans' request.

The Novans were an massive empire with an federal-constitutional government that spans across the galaxy, and only left the Sol System to the humans. The Novan Emperor contacted Mościcki by beaming himself into the office of Mościcki and showing him some technology, and also offers to help defend Poland and other countries of the world.

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