Defeat at Normandy and a Nazi Victory

What if the Nazis had won the war?


1943: Nazi spies had successfully infiltrated Washington and the U.S. military to try to gain information. They discovered intelligence of a possible attack on Vichy France to invade Europe and stop the Nazis.

1944: The intelligence gained from Washington gave all info on the attack on Normandy. The Germans supplemented their already strong army.

June 6th, 1944: The Nazi Army crushed the force of British and American troops and blocked their invasion of Europe. The morale of the Allied troops was crushed.

June 7th, 1944: Following the great loss of Allied life, at Normandy FDR and Prime Minister Churchill called an armistice and cease fire with Germany and Italy. With this, the Axis forces were free to continue their conquest in Europe. The United States shifted their focus from Europe to the Pacific, the Manhattan Project was expedited. However large amounts of troops were still kept in Britain.

August 1944: A combined force of Italian and German soldiers took Stalingrad, Leningrad, and Moscow in a decisive Axis victory. The Soviet Union surrendered, the swastika now flew over the Kremlin.

July 16th, 1945: The Trinity test is conducted. The first ever nuclear weapon is detonated in New Mexico. A major victory is underway for the United States.

August 6th, 1945: The United States under executive order of President Truman dropped the Little Boy atomic bomb over Hiroshima.

August 9th, 1945: The United States dropped the Fat Man bomb over Nagasaki

August 15th, 1945: The Empire of Japan announces its surrender. The Empire of Japan is officially absorbed into the United States.

August 21st, 1945: The German Reich invades Britain as a result of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Nazi Empire believes the bombs to be of British origin.

August 23rd, 1945: The Nazi Empire drops 20,000 gallons of poison gas on London. Untold numbers of deaths occur.

September 24th, 1945: The Nazis take London and annex Britain into the Nazi Empire. The Swastika is now flown over Westminster.

September 29th, 1945: Winston Churchill, Allied leaders, and the Royal Family are all executed by firing squad after a three hour long trial convicting them of war crimes against the Empire of Japan.

October 3rd, 1945: Fearing an invasion by Germany The Americans offer a formal treaty with the Nazi Empire. They reluctantly accept. The United States is required to pay $5.3 billion to the Nazi Empire. The Army Corps of Engineers is required to be stationed in several European cities to oversee the relief efforts of WWII. The State of Israel is established, all remaining Jews in Europe are exiled to the newly formed state. Many other POW's are

Post WWII Asia

Post WWII Asia Orange - Arab Union Green - Republic of China Yellow - Empire of Japan (U.S.) Red - Nazi Empire Maroon - Union of African States Purple - India Lime Green - Australia

freed and decide to live here. The Arab Union is established to protect the interests of Islam. 6,500 Allied troops are to occupy the borders of Israel in the case of an invasion from the Arab Union. The remaining African states in sub-Saharan Africa are grouped together and form the Union of African States. All land taken in the name of the Japanese Empire will be restored and freed from the United States and Japan will be allowed to gain statehood 50 years following the War

October 7th, 1945: The United States tries in a military tribunal leading members of the Japanese Imperial Army, the Royal Family, and the Prime Minister as war criminals. All are sentenced to death by firing squad. The Monarch is abolished and the occupation begins on the newly annexed Japanese Empire.

October 29th, 1945: The Treaty of London officially goes into effect, and is signed by the Arab Union, the State of Israel, the German Reich, the Provisional Government of the Empire of Japan, and the Allied Forces.

The Korean Era

July 9th, 1947: Kim Il Sung forms the Communist Party of Korea. Inspired by the former Soviet Union, he seeks to form a new communist government.

1949: The Communist Party of Korea becomes a major political party on the Korean Peninsula

1950: The United States Military jails Kim Il Sung and other Communist Party officials to keep the peace and to stop the spread of communism.

October 7th, 1960: Korea gains it's independence from the Empire of Japan. Kim Il Sung becomes president of the Republic of Korea and Pyongyang is named it's capitol.

November 1960: The United States does whatever it can to stop the influence of communism in the Republic of Korea. They try to keep in check the balance of communist and capitalist power in the government. The German Reich also gave volunteers it's services to aid in the struggle against communism. The United States and the German Reich give $2 billion to southern rebels.

March 23rd, 1961: A group of southern rebels lead a peaceful march on Pyongyang.

March 24th, 1961: The Korean government breaks up the protest in the form of bullets, tear gas, and biological agents. 450+ people die as a result. The threat of war looms in the minds of the Nazis and the Americans.

1962: The rebel movement gains popularity in both the north and the south.

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