Deep Science Research Station (abbreviated as DSRS; more commonly referred to simply as Deep Science, was a Zombie research and experimentation station operated by the Republic of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. It was destroyed by a long range commonwealth bomber in February 1998.


Deep Science is built atop a converted oil rig that has been fortified and fitted with an emergency self-destruct system. The entire rig is also surrounded by a massive cofferdam (the largest in the world) - a steel wall stretching from the ocean floor all the way up to forty feet above sea level and designed to prevent any potential contamination.


Deep Science has on hand thirty Zombie test subjects that are held in secure confinement. Some well-known subjects are:

  • "Billy"- a Zombified six-year-old who is arguably the most 'human' Zombie known to mankind. His aggression is nearly non-existent, and Billy has approximately the intelligence of a six-week-old child.
  • "Subject Zero"- a bizarre monstrosity kept in an underwater containment cell. Zero is a highly aggressive, twenty-foot-tall Zombie.

Major Discoveries

Arguably, Deep Science's greatest contribution to the study of the undead is the discovery of Phylaxocortin-X ("Phalanx"), a drug currently in development that may be able to slow the rate of infection.

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