The Decree of 1593 was an edict issue by the Urdustani Sultan, جنگ میکر عظیم, Grēṭa jaṅgabāza (Known as Warmonger the Great, in English) in response to third-party acquisition Urdustani goods, and in response to an appart lack of interest in trade agreements with Urdustan by European nations, who sought rather to deal exclusively with merchants without consultation of the Emperor's administration.


  • The nations that have not currenly signed exclusive agreements with the Urdustani state (Bengali agreements are voided), are hereby directed to the following ports to conduct business: Cittagong in the Province of Bengal, Brahmapur in the province of Orissa, Balasore in the province of Orissa, and Sittwe in the province of Arakan. They are NOT allowed to conduct business in any other port in any part of the Urdustani Empire, and will be refused access at any other ports, other than those listed previously.
  • Nations with enclaves that have not signed agreements will still have access to Urdustani goods, but at a highly inflated price due to increased taxation of these goods going into nations without agreements. 
  • The nations currently with agreements, and nations that create agreements in the future, (The Indian League, Mansurryia, Spain, and Rome ONLY) shall be allowed to sell their goods, or import goods at any port of the Urdustani Empire that they wish, and will be taxed less than other trading nations.

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