The Declaration of Polish Support is a document ratified and published on May 1st, 1944, by the Western Allied nations (Great Britain, France, United States of America) in their formal declaration of support, recognition, and re-establishment of a free Polish state under the control of the Polish Government-In-Exile.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the United States, signing the Declaration of Polish Support.

The Declaration of Polish Support gave logistical, economical and militaristic support of the Polish Home Army and the Polish Government-In-Exile, in order to free the Polish state from Wehrmacht control, and potential Soviet domination in the wake of a lessening need of the Soviet Union as a wartime partner, and with the increasingly popular view of Stalin as an Enemy of our Enemy, rather than a simple ally.

From this declaration, formal recognition of the re-emergent Polish state in control of Polish territories, and independent of both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, was established by the Western Allied nations, and thus cemented the rule of the Polish over the Poles, rather than the Soviets over Poland.


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