Deaglán mac Conán Ceiltiach
Declan mac Conan de Celtia

Declan I

Deaglán mac Conán Ceiltiac
Portrait of Deaglán mac Conán Ceiltiach
Declan mac Conan de Celtia

High King of the Celts
High King of Britannia
High King of Ireland

1287 – 1342

Predecessor: None (position established)
Successor: Arthur
Born: 1256
Tara, Ireland
Spouse: Guinevere nic Coinnich
Father: Conan
Issue: Arthur
Religion: Celtianism
Declan I of Celtia (Celtic: Deaglán I de Celtia), full name Declan mac Conan de Celtia (Celtic: Deaglán mac Conán Ceiltiach), was a Celtic warrior who led a revolt against the Norse Empire, liberating it from the Norse rule and was crowned High King of the Celts.

Declan was succeed by his eldest grandson, Arthur, who seized the throne from his sister Morgana, who had been the king's designated successor.

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