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This mod is focused on all aspects of the world, as empires almost never occured if at all. Anyone may make or edit a page of the region, as long as it is plausible and doesn't change the main idea too much. Make sure to check in with me ( This Guy) first. Also check the linguistical feature of the area so the name of the fiefdom/duchy/bishopate isn't too off, or the information of such.


  • Proto-Indo-European was never spoken but was instead replaced with Proto-European.
  • Europe remains feudalistic for a lot longer.
  • Khoisan tribe, the Koro, form an empire.
  • Ghenkis Khan never lived.


  • Ombroyo (spoken in OTL eastern France)
  • M@aede (spoken in OTL Iberia and in Southern Italy)
  • Nam (spoken in OTL Central Europe and Northern Italy)

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