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Republic of Decatur
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Macon County, Illinois
Flag of Illinois Seal of Illinois
Flag Seal
(and largest city)
  others Spanish
Government Republic
President Mike McElroy
Area 1,505 km²
Population 95,092 
Currency Decatur dollar




Political Parties

The pre-Doomsday Republican and Democratic parties have continued existence in Decatur after the destruction of the state government in 1983. The Decatur government, like the pre-Doomsday district, is dominated by the Republican Party. It has remained the most powerful party in Decatur since Doomsday, however this may change in the future. An increasing amount of the State Councilors have been from the newly re-established Libertarian Party of Decatur.


The military of Decatur started out as mainly a civilian militia. They were trained by remnants of the Indiana National Guard. They were originally armed with an eclectic collection of melee weapons, civilian hunting firearms and military firearms salvaged from the former installations of the Indiana National Guard. After the arrival of the East American Alliance in 2000, these weapons were mostly phased out for imported M-14 assault rifles. More than a few members of the Decatur army have chosen to keep a baseball bat as their secondary weapon.


Agriculture, specifically soybeans, is the dominant industry of the area.

International Relations

At one time Decatur was a bitter rival of the state of Vandalia. However after the violent state of Eureka was discovered this rivalry became an alliance out of necessity. They also developed strong relations with the East American Alliance due to their role in taking the violent raider regime of Eureka down. Especially the regional superpowers of Virginia and Kentucky. The Republic of Superior established relations after one of their scouting missions of the state revealed Decatur's existence to them.

Current Situation

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