Ronald Reagan is shot on May 30th, 1981, by John Hinckley, Jr and taken into the emergency room. He suffered a punctured lung and died a few hours later.


1981: Ronald Reagan is assassinated by John Hinckley, Jr.

1981: Presidential Succession was going to place Vice President, George W. Bush as President but they end up, controversially, placing Alexander Haig as 41st President of the United States of America.

1984: Harold Stassen is elected president.

1984: President Stassen increases police in the L.A. area to stop the huge amount of crack cocaine is introduced in the area.

1987: President Stassen visits Berlin, Germany and makes a speech about the Berlin Wall.

1988: Harold Stassen is again elected President.

1989: Hurricane Hugo strikes the East Coast and Loma Prieta earthquake strikes the greater San Francisco Area and President Stassen calls these amount of natural disasters a 'National Emergency'. This then causes a lot of public humiliation as it turns out it was not a emergency.

1989: President Stassen declares 'War on Drugs' and again calls it a 'National Emergency' and, even though this puts the nation into panic, it doesn't cover up his previous humiliation.

1991: President Stassen sent in military enforcements to Kuwait rebels in the First Gulf War. This causes a less significant impact to Iraq and stretches the war out a few more months.

1992: Ross Perot decides not to drop out of the presidential election.

1992: Ross Perot uncovers the sex scandal with Clinton.

1992: George H.W. Bush becomes president.

1992: Hurricane Andrew hit the Gulf Coast and Florida and many comedians make jokes that if Harold Stassen was still president, he would act like the whole world is in danger.

1993: President Bush denies to sign "Don't ask, don't tell" which is a policy that doesn't allow openly gay/bisexual into the military.

2000: George H.W. Bush becomes President.

2004: George W. Bush becomes President.

(Everything happens roughly the same was OTL)

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