Kingdom of De Mor Tir
Teyrnas o De Mor Tir
Timeline: Principia Moderni II (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Falkland Islands
Flag of Wales Pugh
Red Dragon Flag Royal Coat of Arms

Y Ddraig Goch Ddyry Cychwyn (Brythonic)
("The Red Dragon Shall Roar")

Anthem "Lawes Glas"
(and largest city)
Sant Padrig
  others Welsh, Selk'nam
Apostolic Chritianity
  others A'Asabism, Judaism
Ethnic Groups
  others Selk'nam
Demonym Tirwrian
Independence from Haruwin of the Selk'nam
  declared August 10, 1881
The Kingdom of De Mor Tir (Brythonic: Teyrnas o De Mor Tir) is a small, island-based nation in Atlantia that has come to be an important international supplier for wool, semi-Arctic food staples, and also boasts an emerging industry in chemical products.


Colonial History

Welsh history on the islands that would come to form De Mor Tir...

Brythonic History

Independence History

The idea of independence from the Haruwin came in the 1880s following a decidedly conflict-based period of time in Atlantia. A'Asabism had made its violent struggles and imperialism continued to make steady advances, but during this time, De Mor Tir had a great advantage of leadership.

Starting in 1874, a noted Brythonic Jew, Jwda Gof Arian, proposed the idea of a Jewish homeland near Jerusalem. Arian would become a powerful figure in De Mor Tir, as would Pryce Maldwyn Bowen, a Brythonic culturalist.

Both men sought the independence of De Mor Tir, and so created the Plaidd Fawr Brython in 1880, dedicated to a Brythonic culture preserved in De Mor Tir.

On August 10, 1881, the Datganiad Anibyniath was signed, declaring Tirwrian independence. Folant Pugh-Stuart, a distant descendant of Arthur III, was crowned the King of De Mor Tir and King of Fawr Brython.

Modern History





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