Post-Stalin Civil Wars ca. 1953

Red indicated territories controlled by Khrushchev, Green indicated Sviatoslav territories, Gray indicated non-member republics of the former USSR

Following the death of Stalin, the Soviet Union began a process known as "De-Stalinization" by a process of political reform in the Soviet Union; Led by Nikita Khrushchev, the new leader of Soviet Union.

But what if the De-Stalinization had failed, what if Khruschchev had never been able to consolidate his power and was defeated by Vyacheslav Molotov and his fictitious comrade, Vasily Bogatyryov? Khrushchev, fearing for his life, gathered the remaining loyal Red Army and went to war against Bogatyryov, which began a Second Russian Civil War, resulting in a Bogatyryov victory and the creation of the Federation of All-the-Sviatoslavs.

After the death of Molotov from assassination in 1954, Bogatyroyov went on to create the Sviatoslav Republic, lasting until present day.

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