Days of Infamy Background

After the First Sino-Japanese War in 1931, the Japanese decided that the Chinese weren't their enemy and decided to try to be on friendlier terms with China. Because of this, the OTL Second Sino-Japanese War would never happen and the Japanese would focus much more into a war with the Western nations, namely the United States.

The Japanese war planners realize that just an attack on the American Pacific Fleet would only lead to a war that the Japanese would not win, they decide that the best way would be to invade Hawaii and Alaska, and to destroy any remainders of the Pacific Fleet to force a peace treaty and to secure their dominance over the Pacific. On December 7th, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hong Kong and invade Malaya and the Philippines. Hours after these events, the Japanese invasion of Hawaii begins. By February 1942, the invasion of Alaska also commences, followed by the Fall of Singapore. The American and Japanese fleets would meet face to face in the largest naval battle in history, on June 4, at the Battle of San Francisco.

All of these events would not only change the Pacific, as the OTL Europe-first would become Pacific-first instead.


NOTE: This timeline is a shortened one of only the most important events. All OTL events before this have happened in this, and any events in Europe in OTL have happened unless stated otherwise for sometime.


December 7

- 7:48 AM HAST: Japanese planes bomb Pearl Harbor

- 6:12 PM HAST: Japanese marines land invade Hawaii, landing in Oahu

December 8: Japanese marines land in Luzon, Philippines, and in Malaya, & bombing Hong Kong

December 10: British Battleships, Prince of Wales & Repulse, are attacked by Japanese bombers but survive

December 14: Japanese forces have taken over Oahu and end the battle of Pearl Harbor

December 25: Hong Kong surrenders to Japan


January 6: The final and largest island of the Hawaiian islands, Hawaii, is taken over by Japanese forces.

January 11: Battle of Wake Island ends in a Pyrrhic Japanese victory, fighting HMS Prince of Wales & Repulse and the US soldiers there until they gave up

February 15: British forces in Singapore surrender to Japan

April 19: Japanese forces land in Alaska and take over multiple islands and a few select mainland cities

May 2: Japanese air power begin bombing campaigns in Los Angeles, Seattle, and other various mainland cities.

June 5: Battle of San Francisco

7:38 AM PDT:

10:13 AM PDT: The American and Japanese fleets meet in San Francisco's Bay, SH Division units in San Francisco are activated, with the rest of the West Coast SH Division units put on alert

12:02 PM PDT: Japanese soldiers land on the shores of San Francisco

June 6: Main phase of the Battle of San Francisco ends

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