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It is 2010; the empires of the 19th century have faded away and have left a divided puzzle of nations in Europe, Asia, and Middle America. A web of alliances keep the world intact, but do not guarantee a safe one; nuclear weapons ensure this and have left a mark from a former Cold War that nearly released world wide chaos. The events that led up to this world dates back to the Treaty of Versailles, where one piece of evidence led the Empires of the 1900's to struggle for supremacy which paved a path for the Second World War. Today, one can only hope that the visions of empires have also faded away with those former empires.

Main Info

It seems today that so many historians believe World War I was a war, when it was actually a mistake. It was true that no nation was interested with war, but one shot led to the empires of Europe to fire there guns and within one week, gunshots were going off all over Europe. The Treaty of Versailles only made matters worse and in a few years World War II broke out. This POD concentrates on if the Treaty of Versailles was not directly aimed at Germany, but at Austria-Hungary. This leads to a more divided Balkans and Eastern Europe, but Germany is able to keep up with the other world powers. Italy would nevertheless still become fascist, but with no Nazi Germany. It is kept in line by Great Britain and France, although the Soviet Union would instead be its ally during the Second World War. World War II would be fought by the World Comintern (USSR, Italy) against the Allies/United Nations (Great Britain, France, Germany, United States/joined later on, China).

Areas of Divergence

  • Hitler never rises to power in Germany
  • The Treaty of Versailles turns parts of former Austria-Hungary into districts controlled by either Great Britain, France, Italy, or the United States.
  • World War II would be fought for six years, unlike in OTL, due to the fact that the Soviet
    military was still at large. In fact, historians believe that after the USSR's defeat at Warsaw, the Soviet army was the fourth largest in the world which is an amazing fact that would later on be used by future Russian leaders as proof of there military strength during elections.
  • a Cold War would be in lace both before and after World War II.
  • One logical reason to why Italy sided with the World Comintern is due to the fact that it only was given a little amount of land.
  • The Soviet-Japanese border wars would never occur, because in OTL Germany, to Japan, was diverting the USSR's attention (both Germany and the Soviet Union, as you know, were in a tense situation) even before World War II. So Japan used the USSR's war in Europe to distract those world powers from Japanese expansion.
  • Germany would soon rise from both of the World Wars and emerge as one of the strongest nations in Europe and leader pf the European Union.
  • It's actually untrue that the Japanese Empire would join the World Comintern, but keep would instead keep close ties to it.
  • The Germania-Russia Border war was a result of the Great War. Self-pride had been destroyed after the Treaty of Versailles and it was believed that helping the Polish against the Russians would help Morale; in fact, the war not only helped morale, but it also help the economy rise back up and support the reconstruction and repayment.
  • The Cold War would actually be very different: Who controlled what district became the major cause of it and alliances soon formed: the United States would form a Western Block against Europe and Asia, having a mixed policy of isolation from the world and Intervention towards threats (such as Communism or Fascism). Asia would be mostly conquered by a Communist Comintern lead by the Peoples Republic of China. Europe would have many alliances: Germany, Poland and the newly formed Baltic Union (no, it is not communist). The U.K. and its Commonwealth alliance watching the world with a united navy. France and its colonies, and a South American alliance set up to make sure that the World Powers would not provoke there interests. The end of the Cold War would begin with reforms within controlled districts and would result in the downfall of the District Deformation policy.

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