In 1985 after the events of 1983 when the Americans played war games. Finally by 5th April 1985 the Warsaw Pact marched on West Germany and the Third World War began.

Warsaw-NATO war

On 7th April 1985 the Soviet Armies marched into West Germany. However North Korea used this as an excuse to attack South Korea. Then the forces of Pakistan attempted to march into India but were successfully repelled. By 24th April 1985 most of the world was engulfed in war, most of Europe was in the war as was the U.S and Canada. South Korea had been forced into the conflict and Japan was preparing it's forces, expecting North Korea to invade the south with the power of China behind them. Despite this China didn't send help to North Korea, a new highly militant group had emerged in Tibet and China has to fight a new Civil War that was being funded by the U.S and Britain.

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