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See here for the Dawn Has Fallen Timeline

Dawn Has Fallen is a new Alternate History series taking place directly after the Second World War. Nazi Germany has defeated the allies, the Soviet Union lost at Stalingrad and Moscow. The United States remained neutral and the incident at Pearl Harbor never occurred. Toward the end of World War II, an alien force would arrive at Earth and cause chaos around the world. They killed everything, no prisoners, no mercy. Just utter death and chaos everywhere. what seemed like the end of humanity would instead give them hope, they would push back the alien invaders, but only towards the Southern Hemisphere. South America, Africa, and South East Asia became infested with the aliens humanity called, the Shanxi. 

The End of Liberty

It is July 1947, German troops are finally storming the beaches of the United Kingdom. OPERATION: Sea Lion is going according as planned, but seven years delayed. Hitler's plan of a thousand year Reich is looking like a reality. The Soviets were defeated, the loss of Stalingrad severely crippled the morale of Soviet troops, and as German forces pushed into Moscow and entered the Kremlin, they found Joseph Stalin, with a gunshot to his head and a half a bottle of vodka in his left hand. The Wehrmacht continued to push into the USSR, eventually stopping just before the Ural Mountains in January of 1945.

The Soviets then signed a treaty, ending the war with Nazi Germany and being on the brink of collapse. But that wasn't enough suffering for them. The Empire of Japan then launched a full scale invasion of the Soviet Union, the Imperial Army was only stopped by a joint coalition of Soviet and Chinese forces at Yakutsk. 

Now it is present day, July 24, 1947. London is in ruins, with German flags flying high in the wake of their victory. The last worthy foe Germany has left would be the United States. America never joined the war, but they did undergo a massive build up and opened the country to refugees of the war. After Britain was defeated, the remnants of the Royal Air and Army forces retreated to the US and Canada. The United Kingdom would reform Canada into the Anglo-Canadian Kingdom and endlessly try to convince the US to aid them in retaking mainland Britain and liberate Europe from the clutches of the Nazis. But it wouldn't be enough.

A New Era

World War II was a major victory for the Axis, Nazi Germany has total control of Europe excluding Spain and Sweden. The Italian Empire has conquered most of Africa, and the Empire of Japan has concluded its imperialistic campaigns across China and the Pacific. An age of rebuilding has begun.

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