David V of Scotland (November 18 1803 - June 22 1866) was the third King of Scotland of the Mackintosh line, with a reign lasting from the death of his father David IV in 1842 until his own death in 1866. He ruled over a period of both economic growth in the Lowlands due to the Industrial Revolution and internal battles with belligerent and uncooperative Highlanders, reaching its peak during the Sutherland War at the end of the Second Clan Rebellion.

While appraised for his ability to maintain Scotland's integrity at a time when it seemed certain the state would break into several pieces and his centralization of the Scottish government, David V is often remembered as a brutal tyrant in the Highlands and his reign earned the Chattan Confederatin ire among powerful clans such as the Sutherlands, MacDonalds and Camerons for his violent reprisals against them in the Second Clan Rebellion, most infamously the massacre at Battle of Golspie and his slaughter of the inhabitants of Dunrobin Castle. Without wife or issue his entire life, he was succeeded by his younger brother, William III.

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