David III of Scotland (born Angus Mackintosh) (5 July 1759 - 3 March 1833) was the first Scottish-born sovereign of an independent Scotland following the Treaty of London. David III led Clan Mackintosh and the entire Chattan Confederation in rebellion against the weak forces of Mary III and her husband, Prince Francis. As a veteran of the American War of Independence, he coordinated various Highland clans and forced Mary III to abdicate her throne in Edinburgh, and triumphantly crowned himself King of the Scots at Scone in 1819 before settling at Inverness Castle, making Inverness the de facto capital of Scotland.

Due to the widespread popularity of his persecution of the "foreign pretenders," despite Mary II having legitimate claims to the Jacobite cause, David III's rule was largely peaceful and focused on building alliances between the clans. The 1820's are for this reason often referred to as "the Peace of David" or "King David's Peace." A benign ruler, David III was a skilled mediator between the various clans, in particular the enimitous clans of the Highlands, which without the Jacobite cause to rally around and with favor to gain with a sovereign at Inverness would devolve into fighting soon thereafter. His son, David IV, succeeded him upon his death in 1833.

Preceded by:
Mary III
King of Scots

Succeeded by:
David IV

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