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David Cameron
David Cameron
Prime Minister of United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland
Term of Office: May 5, 2005 -
Predecessor: William Hague
9 October 1966 (age 42)

London, England

Church of England
Political party:
David Cameron's Signature

David William Donald Cameron (born 9 October 1966) is the Prime Minister of United Kingdom of Britain, Ireland, Normandy, Brittany and Calais.

He read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford, gaining a first class honours degree. He then joined the Conservative Research Department and became Special Adviser to Norman Lamont, and then to Michael Howard. He was Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications for seven years.

In the general elections of 2005 David Cameron slimly beat his labour opponent Gordon Brown, and so became the Prime Minister of the UKBINBC on the 6th of May in 2005.

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