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Davey Allison leaving New Hampshire had 1 win and 4 top 5s and 6 top 10s. Due to the advice of his crew cheif Larry McRenolds Davey decides not to fly to Talladega. For the next 4 weeks Davey Allison had 2 top 15s a top 30 and a 42nd place finish. At Bristol, Davey had the dominate car but with 3 laps to go got passed by Mark Martin who held him off for the win. In Darlington, Davey was able to finish 6th 1 lap down, After a 13th and 17th place finishes at Richmond and Dover, he would take on 3 straight top 5s at Martinsville (1st), North Wilksboro (4th), and Charlotte (2nd), he won after a dominate performance in Martinsville. At North Carolina, he led early after starting from the pole but blew a tire and hit the wall, finishing 37th. He finished off his season with 2 straight wins, Phoenix and Atlanta. To finish 9th in the final points standings.

In 1994, Davey Allison picked up on his performance from the previous season. He started it with a 22nd and 19th place finish at Daytona and North Carolina, he would then win Richmond, and finish 9th at Atlanta. Davey would go on to finish 4th at Darlington then lead a race high 397 laps at Bristol but finished 6th, followed by 4 straight 7th place finishes, North Wilksboro, Martinsville, Talladega, and Sears Point. After a 3rd place finish at Charlotte, Davey then would win Dover and finish 14th at Pocono. Davey nearly pulled off the win at Michigan but was spun out on the last lap by Rusty Wallace and was able to inch Ted Musgrave to the line for 9th, Davey Allison blew an engine early and finished last at Daytona and followed it up with a 32nd place finish at New Hampshire. Davey would then go on to win 3 out of 4 races, Pocono, Talladega, and Watkins Glen, he was passed with 4 laps to go by Jeff Gordon at Indy. At Michigan, Davey would finish 6th and then he would finish 28th at Bristol, 14th and 16th at the next 2 races dropped Davey down from 3rd to 4th in points, Richmond and Dover. At Martinsville, Davey finished 2nd after leading a race high 289 laps, at North Wilksboro, Davey would finish 10th and he finished 8th at Charlotte, followed up by a 3rd place finish at North Carolina would tie him for 3rd in Winston Cup points with Rusty Wallace, but a 26th and a 19th place finish caused him to finish 4th in the final points standings. He ended the year with 5 wins, 10 top 5s, 20 top 10s, and 1 pole.

1995 was almost compareable to 1994 for Davey Allison, after Dale Jarrett joining in a 2nd car *number 88* Davey was proven to be the great driver that he was. He started the season off by finishing 4th in the Daytona 500, followed by 3 straight 2nd place finishes put Davey in the points lead. At Darlington, Davey Allison pulled a bump n run on Sterling Marlin to win his first race of the season. However, Davey had a streak of 3 straight finishes of 24th or worse, Bristol (33rd), North Wilksboro (24th), and Martinsville (34th), he would break this streak with a 9th place finish at Talladega and a 2nd place finish at Sears Point, he then finished 14th and 11th at Charlotte and Dover, before winning his 2nd race at Pocono. Michigan saw Davey finish 10th and so did Daytona. New Hampshire saw Davey finish 29th and then he tried to chase down teammate Dale Jarrett, but he finished 2nd giving Robert Yates's team there first 1-2 finsh in Winston Cup Competition. Talladega saw Davey finish 39th and at Indy, for the 2nd straight year Davey was passed towards the end of the race for the win, and finished 4th. Davey finished 12th at Watkins Glen and he finished 19th at Michigan, at Bristol Davey Allison finished 3rd almost winning the race, Darlington had Davey finish 2nd and he followed it up with a 9th place finish at Richmond, but he would rebound by beating Jeff Gordon to the line by 0.03 seconds to win Dover followed by a 4th place finish at Martinsville. At North Wilksboro, Davey finished 12th and 20th at Charlotte, but he rebounded with a win at North Carolina winning by 2 seconds over Ward Burton. A 23rd place finish at Phoenix and a 2nd place finish at Atlanta clinched Davey 5th in the final points standings, with 4 wins, 16 top 5s, 20 top 10s, and 3 poles.

1996 was Davey Allison's Career year, he finished 19th at Daytona, but finished 2nd at North Carolina and then won at Richmond. Davey finished 6th and 2nd at Atlanta and Darlington, but won the next 2 races at Bristol and North Wilksboro. He would go on to finish in the top 5 for the next 9 out of 10 races, *NASCAR ruined there shot at Talladega* in which he won once, *Charlotte* but after a blown tire at New Hampshire *41st* He would then finish 9th at Pocono and 12th at Talladega, finally, after being passed for the win in both of the Indy races, he would finally break the streak and win the Brickyard 400 beating his teammate Dale Jarett to the line. He finished 19th at Watkins Glen and finished 11th at Michigan, but he followed it up with 2 straight 2nd place finishes, Bristol and Darlington, and he then won at Richmond, giving him a sweep at Richmond. He finished 6th at Dover and 9th at Martinsville and he then would finish 5th in the last race at North Wilksboro, and he would sweep Charlotte and finish 4th at North Carolina. A 10th place finish at Phoenix meant that Davey had to start the race to win the championship, and at Atlanta he finished 3rd and won the championship over Terry Labonte who barely finished 2nd over teammate Jeff Gordon. He finished his season with 7 wins, 19 top 5s, and 24 top 10s, and 6 poles and the championship.

In 1997, Davey Allison was looking to defend his title, without crew chief Larry McRenolds. He started his season with a runner up finish in the Daytona 500 and a 10th place finish at North Carolina. He then finished 5th at Richmond and Atlanta, and a 16th place finish at Darlington before finally winning the first race at Texas. In Bristol, Davey inched Rusty Wallace to the line for 2nd and he finished 11th at Martinsville, and he won Sears Point. At Talladega, Davey finished 16th and then finished 9th at Charlotte, followed up by a 2nd place finish at Dover and 2 straight 6th place finishes at Pocono and Michigan, before winning at Califorina and he spun out John Andretti to win at Daytona. At New Hampshire, Davey was able to finish 12th after getting spun around midway by John Andretti in retalation to Daytona, Pocono had Davey finish 10th and he finished 5th at Indy and Watkins Glen. Michigan had Davey finish 39th due to a blown engine, followed by a 13th place finish at Bristol and a win at Darlington by spinning out Jeff Gordon on the last lap. Richmond saw Davey finish 4th and he followed it with a 10th at New Hampshire, Dover also was a bad race as Davey finished 19th. Martinsville saw Davey challenge Jeff Burton all day but he finished 2nd. At Charlotte, Davey won by passing his teammate on the last lap, and he finished 23rd at Talladega. North Carolina saw Davey finish 15th at North Carolina, and he won Phoenix, which had him 2 points behind Jeff Gordon for the championship, but he blew a tire and finished 29th, 2 laps down and finished 2nd in points. He ended the year with 7 wins, 20 top 5s, 26 top 10s, and 0 poles.

1998 was a down year for Davey Allison, he only won once, at Phoenix, and had only 6 top 5s and 17 top 10s and had 1 pole, he finished a career low of 13th in the final points standings. 1998 did see Robert Yates expand to a 3 car team *Kenny Irwin Jr went into a 3rd car numbered 38* Davey's crew chief was fired after this season.

In 1999 Davey rebounded from a dismal 1998 season. He started it by winning Las Vegas and Atlanta but wouldn't win again til Daytona and then he would win at Dover, his last win of the season. He finished 3rd in the final points standings.

In 2000, Davey was able to start another streak of dominance by winning the Daytona 500 by inching his teammate to the line coming to the caution, he would then win North Carolina the following week. Davey almost won Las Vegas but spun out when the rain hit and was scored in 8th, after the next 6 weeks of finishes 13th or better, he would win again at California and finish in the top 3 for the next 3 races. Michigan and Pocono had Davey finish 42nd and 28th, and then he won at Sears Point over Jeff Gordon. Davey Allison finished 21st at New Hampshire after Teammate Kenny Irwin was killed in a practice crash. Davey Allison wouldn't win again til Lowe's where he led a race high 236 laps. Davey would also win the season final race at Atlanta becoming the first champion to do so. He ended his season with 6 wins, 18 top 5s, 27 top 10s, and 6 poles and he had his 2nd championship, over Dale Earnhardt and Bobby Labonte.

In 2001, Davey Allison was looking to defend his 2nd title, he started it by finish 10th in the Daytona 500, and he finished 16 the following week after dominating at Rockingham. Davey won his first race at Las Vegas, in which he designated the victory to Dale Sr, the following week he finished 6th at Atlanta and 5th at Darlington. In Bristol, Davey had a dominating car, but run out of gas on the last lap and coasted to the finish line in 9th, Davey had a 3 second lead on the last lap at Texas, but his tire blew and he had to coast the car to a 2nd place finish. Davey Allison finished 3rd at Martinsville in which Robert Yates Racing swept the top 3 spots, and the following week at Talladega, Davey finished 39th after he retired with a blown engine. Davey wouldn't find victory again til Kansas, then he won at Homestead. His 2001 stats, 3 wins, 13 top 5s, 24 top 10s, and 7 poles and finished 6th in points.

In 2002, Davey Allison had a rebound from his previous season, he would finish 3rd at Daytona and 2nd at Las Vegas, where he would grab the points lead. His first win was at Texas, and he would win the following week at Martinsville where he pulled a bump and run on Bobby Labonte on the last lap. He would win again at Pocono, then again at Atlanta, Davey's season was a record season where he led the championship standings for 35 weeks and won the championship by finishing 19th at Atlanta. His stats, 4 wins, 18 top 5s, 30 top 10s, and 1 pole.

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