A TL that will focus on a successful Nazi Germany. It partly is based on the novel Fatherland.

Flag of the NSDAP (1920–1945)

Basic divergences and timeline

  • Hitler has a different personality; he is treated harshly, but not as harshly as OTL, by his father. His Jewish friends in his hostel in Vienna are successful in forming a more "moderately" racist Hitler and after the defeat of Germany in WWI he focuses on Marxism and rival politicians in his speeches.
  • Chamberlain's government falls immediately after the outbreak of WWII. Churchill takes over and initiates two disastrous campaigns: the invasion of Ireland and supporting Finland against the Soviets. This leads to Britain's diplomatic isolation.
  • The German army is able to seize Moscow in 1941. Leningrad capitulates soon afterwards.
  • The Caucasian oilfields are captured in 1942.
  • The Soviets surrender finally in 1944.
  • Germany is able to develop atomic weapons by the late 1940's, which act as a deterrent against the US. A cold war develops between the two nations. The US funds the Soviet guerrillas in the Urals, who battle constantly against the Reich.

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