After the Uni-Khang fell, Atlantis as an entire continent fell into darkness. During this time, the Black Desert began to destroy much of the once fertile soil. Not many records exist from this time, save for the now famous, but rare writings of the Sand People (since compiled and turned into books, movies, and plays, including the award-winning Tragedy of the Sand People).

During this time was a lack of technological progress. The resulting gap in history is called the Dark Age of Atlantis (1900 BC-900 BC)

Sand People

During this time, an enigmatic civilization called the Sand People sprouted in the Black Desert. Recent discoveries suggest that the Sand People actually lived in a rain forest climate, before the Black Desert came along. The Sand People's lives are still shrouded in mystery.

Scribblings and partially deciphered scrolls suggest that they only learned to write while the desert was swallowing the civilization.

Why the Lack of History?

  • Many records were destroyed by the passing empires.
  • Many civilizations were illiterate
  • Many records are indecipherable

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