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An alternate timeline of Darien Lake's history under Premier Parks/Six Flags ownership from 1995 to the present day in the Good Times Keep Going universe.

  • 1995 - (OTL) Skycoaster added.
  • 1996 - Looney Tunes Seaport added; (OTL) Hook's Lagoon and Nightmare at Phantom Cave added.
  • 1997 - (OTL) Mind Eraser and Crocodile Isle added, Funtime Junction removed before the 1997 season.
  • 1998 - (OTL) Boomerang and Laserblast show added
  • 1999 - (OTL) Superman: Ride of Steel added, Scrambler added, Nightmare at Phantom Cave scrapped, and Fright Fest added to extend the operating to October.
  • 2000 - Twister added, Crazy Quilt removed and Lasso moved into Crazy Quilt's spot.
  • 2001 - Cascade Canyon removed after the 2001 season.
  • 2002 - (OTL) Shipwreck Fall added in Cascade Canyon's spot.
  • 2003 - New lockers added to Darien Square.
  • 2004 - Nothing new
  • 2005 - (OTL) Tornado added to the water park
  • 2006 - (OTL) Big Kahuna relocated from Six Flags Astroworld to Darien Lake
  • 2007 - Grizzly Run removed before the 2007 season, Batman: The Escape (relocated from Six Flags Astroworld) is set up in Grizzly Run's spot.
  • 2008 - Tony Hawk's Big Spin added in the old campground pool spot, (OTL) Floodgate Falls closes.
  • 2009 - Noting new
  • 2010 - (OTL) Expanded water park with Swirl City water slide complex and Flotation Station lazy river
  • 2011 - Nothing new
  • 2012 - Looney Tunes Seaport expanded and renamed to "Looney Tunes National Park" with two new rides, Tweety's Escapce (Flying Scooters) and Timber Tower (kiddie drop tower)
  • 2013 - Raging Seas replaced with a clone of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's Superman: Ultimate Flight roller coaster named "Green Lantern: First Flight".
  • 2014 - 'Cuda Falls water slides relocated to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, (OTL) UFO removed; Giant Wheel gets new lights as part of the boardwalk area.
  • 2015 - (OTL) Rolling Thunder (Super Loop) added; The Predator remolded as "Iron Predator" by RMC.

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