Darfur | Republic of Darfur | Darfòòr Ripeblik (Fur)

Capital: Nyala

Largest city: Nyala (565,734)

Official language: English · Fur

Other languages: Beri, Daju, Maba

Ethnic groups: 62.4% Fur, 19.3% Beri, 12.6% Daju, 1.5% Maba, 4.2% others

Religions: Catholic Christianity (37.2%), Protestant Christianity (36.3%), African traditional religion (18.5%), Others (1.3%), Non-religious (6.7%)

Demonym: Darfurese

Government: Republic | Unitary presidential

President: Robert Appa

Prime Minister: Martin Koro

Legislature: Parliament

Independence (from the United Kingdom): 7 October 1960

Area: 503,184 sq km

Population (2012): 7,564,322

Currency: Darfurese shilling (DFS)

Internet TLD: .df

History of Darfur



Daju Period (until 15th century)

Tunjur Period (15th-16th centuries)

Kingdom of Darfur (1603–1874)


Egyptian rule (1874–1881)

British rule (1881–1960)


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