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Darfur (Arabic: دار فور‎ Dār Fūr, English: Realm of the Fur) is a region in western Sudan.´

Because of the treaty of Khartoum, Sudan is obligated to give and recognize the independence of Darfur.

The Darfur Conflict never happened, but in 1999, a civil war causes the participation of South Sudan, Puntland and Somaliland..

in this times, Darfur has an unstable economy and unstable borders with Sudan and Chad.
دار فور
Timeline: Somaliland Independence

OTL equivalent: Darfur
Flag of Darfur No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Republic of Darfur
(and largest city)
Al - Fashir
Other cities Geneina, Nyala
Language Arabic
Religion Islamic
Ethnic Groups
  others Zaghawe, Masalit
Demonym Darfuri and Darfurese
Government Islamic Republic
President Abbahid Sese
  Royal house: بيت دارفور - House of Darfurians
Prime Minister Mohammed Sabbadh
Area 493,180 km2 km²
Population 7.5 million (2008) 
Independence from Sudan
  declared 1995
  recognized 1995 (Treaty of Khartoum)

1996 (Entry in UN)

Organizations UN, African Union

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