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Dardanian Etrusca (Vae victis!)

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Etruscan Kingdom
Dardanian Etrusca
20 AD - 792 AD NZ flag design Inclusive by Dominic Carroll.jpg
Flag of Dardania.svg EtruscanCoA.jpeg
Flag of Etrusca Coat of arms
Location of Dardanian Etrusca
Capital Veii
Languages Latin
Etruscan Language
Religion Paganism
Government Monarchy
 •  20-37 AD Alexander Dardania(first)
Historical Era Era Two, Era Three
 •  Third Safinei War 2 BC - 13 AD 20 AD
 • Formation 20 AD
 •  Disestablished 792 AD
 •  13 AD est. 3 Million 
Currency Etruscan Olca

Dardanian Etrusca - also called Etrusca or (somewhat sarcastically) The Second Etruscan Republic - is an extremely authoritarian regime that rose after the mutual destruction of Etrusca and Safineim. Its government was arguably the most oppressive to its citizens for the era, though its economy and military were both thriving. Like other powerful authoritarian regimes, the nation had no shortages of wars - at first mostly against the Senone Republic and Carthage, but later against the Christian powers of the middle east.

During its 772 year existence, this incarnation of Etrusca would expand minimally, mostly due to stiff and constant resistance against any expansion. However, despite the lack of expansion, Etrusca did manege to leverage its military and economy, making it quite influential across the Mediterranean. Ultimately though, the nation's power would be limited, and it would be overthrown and reformed in 792 AD.


Stabilizing Italy

Second Mediterranean War





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