Danubian Peoples' Party
Podunavskom narodna stranka
Leader David Ibrahimovic
Founded 1880
Dissolved 1887
Preceded by Radical Union of the Federation
Headquarters Sarajevo
Ideology Socialism
State Capitalist
Political position Left
Official colours Bright Red, Yellow, Black
Federal Assembly:
20 / 443
Federal Council:
2 / 56

Created to service the left of the nation, the Danubian Peoples' Party was the Danubian Federation's first explicitly Socialist party, believing in a state controlled economy and the integration of the Romanian and Serbian people. It was formed by the Governor of Bosnia, Vladimir Aleksander, after the rise of the Lilician Dictatorship. He saw it as necessary to protect the workers and people of the nation from a tyrant. Unfortunately, he never saw the fall of Jovan Lilic due to his exile to America after an Anti-Lilician coup failed.